Slovak Mountains Bike tour

Day 1: Bikes assembling and a short ride in the woods.

Traveling to Kosice, check-in to Hotel Bankov, assembling the bikes and riding on the single track at the hotel’s doorstep. Up to 20 km and about 500 m climbing, depending on the time we have. We ride single tracks built and maintained by a community of bikers. We can visit the dual slalom course on Cerveny breh. Dinner and night at the Hotel Bankov.


Day 2: On single tracks above the city of Kosice

Full day-ride after breakfast in Hotel Bankov. Start at the Hotel Bankov; riding up to Jahodna, snack and coffee there. On single tracks down to Kosice. Some parts of the single tracks are built by volunteers, other parts are old hunters path. Late lunch in the city center, then back to the Hotel Bankov where an additional ride is possible. About 45 km and 900 m climbing. Dinner and night at Hotel Bankov.


Day 3: Beautiful landscape of Spis

After night and breakfast at the Hotel Bankov we transfer to the Spis region. Whole-day ride across Spis where UNESCO World Heritage sites are located on our route. Starting point is in Zehra, with optional visit of the medieval Church of the Holy Spirit. Then uphill to Slatvina and uphill to Slubica. Nice technical natural single tracks down to Dubrava for a snack. Then to the Spis castle through Granc Petrovce and a travertine hill Drevenik with endemic flora and stone formations. We can visit the castle Spissky Hrad; cross Spisska Kapitula to Spissky Salas for a snack; transfer from Spisky salas to the Slovak Paradise national park. 50 km ride and about 1300m climbing. Dinner in the Mlynky Hotel.


Day 4: Easy day

Breakfast in the Mlynky hotel, we ride bikes to the ice cave across Pacmanska Masa, Voniarky, Samelova dolina. Ice cave visit and riding through a canyon are the highlights of the day. We move on to Penzion Borovica for a dinner. We can add a loop to Havrania dolina, Chotarna dolka and back to the hotel. Dinner in the hotel Mlynky.


Day 5: Across Slovak Paradise

We load bus with baggage and start to bike across Slovak Paradise. Uphill to Geravy for a snack. Then to Klastorisko and to Podlesok where we stay for lunch. Then Tomasovky vyhlad and Cingov. Possible additional loop on natural single trail along the Hornad river. 45 km and 900 meters climbing. Transfer to the High Tatras to Hotel Praha in Stary Smokovec. Dinner in Hotel Praha.


Day 6: Green lake ride

Breakfast in Hotel Praha. Ride to Green lake, short stay and a snack in a cottage. Trail to Green alpine lake is rocky and technical. Rewarding downhill back to Stary Smokovec. 20km and 600m climbing. Lunch in Stary Smokovec. Bikes disassembling, transfer to airport.


Additional Day 7: Ride above traditional village Zdiar with a view of mountains

First uphill by a chairlift in a bike park, then riding in the woods with a spectacular view of the Tatry mountains. Visiting the village with original wooden houses.

AM program:

Day 1: Kosice Singletrails.

Flight to airport in Kosice ( better option) or Budapest, Debrecen, Krakow. Transfer from Kosice airport about 30 minutes to the Hotel in the woods just above the Kosice city.. Here we do a nice loop where the single track start and ends literary at the hotel back door. The terrain is not difficult, we have also view on the city from the hill above the valley where the city is located. if someone needs a little bit more, short extra loop with more technical descent is possible. Dinner and sleep in hotel Bankov.

15km, 500m climb and descent

Day 2: Big single track loop Kosice

– bike out and bike in from hotel. Nice places for coffee and beer on the way. We do ride to the city center with bikes, can have a ice cream and see the old Gothic cathedral and Jewish synagogues. Possibility to buy some souvenir. Dinner and sleep in same hotel. Bikes can be stored and washed without any problems.

40km,900m climb and descent

Day 3: Riding in Salty hills

, natural raw singletrails, covered with a huge amount of roots and rock gardens. Most of the time we are in the woods, outside of villages and people.

30km 1300m climbing and descent

Day 4: Riding flowy and fast singletrails on Malkovska Horka

, a lot of jumps and drops. All trails were built by volunteers under leadership of Slovak mountain biking association – SloMBa. The area is near Presov, nice city, where we can end the ride with some food and beer.

20-40km 400-1000m climbing and descent

Day 5: Branisko Slovak Enduro.

Riding natural singletrails which were included to Slovakia Enduro cup part of Enduro X series championship. Some of the most difficult legal singletrails in Slovakia. Visit of the Spiš castle in the end of riding.

30km 1100m climbing and 1300m descent

Day 6: Lechnica Singletracks.

One hour transfer to Lechnica. Singletrack riding in Lechnica with views on Pieniny mountains. Very attractive landscape, where also rafting on the river Dunajec is possible. on the singletrack loop is one from the most fun uphills that i have ridden so far – lots of switchbacks and old forest with big fern plants.

25km 900m climbing and descent

Day 6B: Bike park Bachledova dolina (currently not operating).

We don’t need to ride only park, tree top walk is brand new attraction in the same place where bike park is located. If we like to add one more day, we can stay in the hotel in Bachledova dolina, the green lake ride is also possible from this place.

Day 6C: Bike park Malino brdo.

Transfer about 1 hour from high tatras. Whole day bike park riding.

Day 7: Green lake ride.

One from the most beautiful legal MTB rides in Slovakia. It is not easy, you have to climb on loose rocks but the place is worth it. Our goal is the alpine lake with cottage, where traditional cake and tee is served. Green lake is surrounded with mountains, sometimes there is a lot of snow on the road even in may.

25km 900m climbing and descent

Tour price:

Total sum depends on the size of the group, date, hotel rank, room type, and transfer mode. We will send you the details immediately.




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