Why Slovakia

10 reasons why to come to Slovakia

  1. Slovakia is a hidden treasure in the heart of Europe. You will feel more as an explorer than as a tourist. You will avoid masses of tourists.
  2. Variety of nature on a very small area. Everything is close. From alluvial forest near the river Danube, broad-leaved forest, mixed forest, conifer forest to alpine meadows.
  3. 8 national parks, unique Slovak Paradise, High Tatras – the smallest high mountains in the World Carpathian range, primeval beech forests listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.
  4. Spring water, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, dams, lakes, mineral and thermal water.
  5. More than 40% of land is forest. One of the most forested countries in Europe.
  6. Slovak underground world consists of more than 6 000 caves. 4 karst caves, 1 aragonite cave and 1 ice cave were added to UNESCO World Heritage.
  7. Historical monuments from UNESCO World Heritage list like the Spis Castle, historical towns of Bardejov, Levoča, Banska Stiavnica, wooden churches.
  8. Kosice -European Capital of Culture 2013. The biggest cathedral in Europe can be found there. The concept of the lenticular historical town core of Košice city was suggested to be inscribed on the UNESCO list.
  9. Slovak Folklore, folk crafts, folk music and dances will touch your senses in the moment. Folk customs in Slovakia are inherited on from one generation to another, Slovak music instrument called “fujara” as well as Music of Terchova are in the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage.
  10. Fascinated history in less than 100 years, from the monarchy through to a democratic Czechoslovakia, Slovakia – client state of nazi Germany, Slovak national uprising against German Wehrmacht, comunistic Czechoslovakia, free federal Czech and Slovak republic up to independent Slovakia in European Union.